Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bone on bone

My mother has been in pain for the last two years. She could barely walk without being in pain. She finally went to the doctor, and found out that they was no cartiledge in one of her hip bones. It was just bone on bone. She needed hip surgery. She had the surgery on Feb. 18th, 2013. It took three weeks, a combination of staying at the hospital as well as a short term resident physical therapy facility, before she could come home. She finally came home. Both my sister and father were able to take over the daily chores while she was gone and even after she came home. Just a few days ago the doctor said she didn't have to wear the brace anymore. In a few weeks she will be able to ditch the walker and just use a cane. All of this got me thinking about what life would be like for me if my mother wasn't there. She's my rock here on earth. My mother after hip surgery, 2013

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