Sunday, July 4, 2010

What is this all about?

I have been endlessly thinking about my project: Was Once Home.

What is it about?

Thoughts that were purposed to me from a colleague:

:I am not sure who the characters are, and what their relationship to you and each other is.

:Don't be too ambiguous. Some images are not informative enough.

:The best familiar photo projects often thrive on our voyeuristic tendency to really want to know how other people live. We sort of bounce our own persona off the others, to either compare or reflect or to gain confidence that we're above (ie. our fascinations with celebrities).

What am I interested in with this project? There are a few things, but I know I need to narrow it further. For now, here are where my interests lie.

:My displacement; not having a home of my own.

:The need to explore the setup and changes of my parents house, and how the space I inhabit begins to mimic my parent's home.

:The people who inhabit the space. Their relationships with each other and myself.

:The subtle history the home holds.

Can these all come together in one narrow idea? Do I need to leave some of these thoughts out? Which is the most interesting to someone whom is not familiar with my family?