Sunday, April 21, 2013

sequence part 2....

I like the sequence of my sister, and the sequence of me being laid off. It's everything about I'm having trouble with. It was brought to my attention that I have multiple ideas going on in the series, and I'm thinking it would be good to make 'chapters' dealing with these different ideas. Of course there are holes, but here's what I have so far... The first two lines are images dealing with the home the way it is, and the quarkiness. The next line deals with my father and the repairs to the home The following has to do with the idea of being old, and a history that is perserved (might be two different ideas) After that I have included a variety of images of my parents. I'm not sure what I'm saying about them. Then come the sequence of my sister and her relationship with my mom before, during, and after she was in graduate school. Finally is the sequence of me turning 30 and loosing my job. There's a gap in before the last two images, and I know something needs to go there, I'm just not sure what. Thoughts?

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