Thursday, August 19, 2010

My sister

My sister is now living in Oregon. This is slightly inconvenient when I'm working on making images that talk about my family, and she's not here. So, I had an idea on how to keep including her, as well as talk about her absence. This is just a digital image of my idea. The light wasn't right at the time, so I didn't want to waste film. Thoughts?

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Bill Guy said...

Hi SB,

I am really glad that you made this image. As I mentioned before, I think some experimentation would help you to get excited about the project again. Experimentation at this point in a project can be scary since you are trying to solidify the ideas, not open things up. But I find that if I open up some, then it actually helps to tighten up the ideas later down the road.

As far as the actual picture, I like how both your sister and Mom are wearing blue. It's a really simple way to create a relationship between the two. I also like the contrasting expressions. Your sister seems happy, while your Mom seems melancholy.

I think your goal should be to experiment as much as possible within the project.